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Freemeteo.com is a website about the weather. We provide comprehensive weather forecasts for all regions of our planet - both land and sea – tailored to the individual needs of people who require daily updates. More than 10 million geographic locations are investigated and detailed weather forecasts are produced, updated twice daily. Moreover, weather reports from all online stations of the world are presented in real time, in order to provide accurate information on local weather conditions.

Personal services are a primary consideration; individual information on weather conditions constitutes an important part of our services. Daily forecasts, as well as weather alerts, are emailed to those interested. Our detailed search menus coupled with our self developed inverse geo-coding options are designed for effective geo-targeting on a global scale.

Our goals are global reach, indiscriminative quality of service and local forecasts for all communities or individuals. The width of our vision, the equitable treatment of inhabited and uninhabited or densely and sparsely populated regions of this planet makes up our profile.

The Meteoteam
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