Weather Engine



Is this a free service?

Yes, this service is provided absolutely free of charge.


Can I have my own ads next to Freemeteo’s content?

Yes, you may include up to 2 ad units next to our Feed.


I have a blog. Can I use this service?

Unfortunately this service is not available to bloggers.

If you own a blog you may still add free weather content by following this link:


What is the “Primary Location”?

This is the geographic location (city, village, etc) appearing on your feed’s Home Page. You may edit this location and add your own preference by clicking on:“Change Location”


How many feeds can I use?

You may use an unlimited number of feeds. Please be sensible, our system’s resources are not unlimited J


Do you provide support for this service?

We do not currently provide online support. If you encounter problems, please use our contact form for communication:


How many daily impressions can I serve? Is there a limit?

There is no limit on the number of impressions served, yet if you plan to serve more than 100,000 page views every day, please let us know.